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Smart Lock

Multiple unlock modes
by your choice.

Model No. TY-198

(For Interior Door use)
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*Multiple Unlocking Modes

Fingerprint, Bluetooth App, Mechanical Key, passcode, rfid card

*Design to fit 99% of doors in the market

Including wooden, steel, stainless steel doors.

*High strength zinc Alloy slim design housing

Can replace most cylindrical or lever locks that uses 60mm door latch.

*Easy setup with mobile app

*Power saving design

4 pcs AAA battery.

*Low battery Alarm (When Battery Voltage < 4.8V)

Fingerprint ring light start flashes when the lock can only unlocks door about 50 times before battery run out.

*Micro USB emergency power support

Use mobile phone power-bank or other sources (5V) as temporary power if battery power has exhausted.

*Has mechanical keys

Use Mechanical keys to unlock when there's no power.

*Adjustable voice prompt volume

Silent, or low/mid/High volumes

*Lockdown/Unlocked modes
ColorLuxury Black
ApplicationCondo doors, Hotel doors
Housing Materialzinc Alloy
FingerprintFPC grade 192 x 192 semi-conductor (capacitive sensing)
Unlocking modesFingerprint, Bluetooth App,Mechanical Key,Rfid Card,passcode
User Register CapacityFingerprint/Rfid card/passcode 50 each
Identification Time< 0.5 sec
False Rejection Rate<= 0.1%
False Acceptance Rate<= 0.0001%
Door thickness40-100 mm
Operating Temperature-25 <-> 60 °C
Operating Humidity20 - 90%
Power supply4 pcs AAA battery
Low power AlarmPower below 4.8V, approximately 50 times
Emergency PowerMicro USB charging port

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