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Smarter Locks

Access mode avaliable by your choice.

Model No. S - 008

(For Interior Door use)
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*Multiple Unlocking Modes

Password, RFID card, Fingerprint, Mechanical Key, Bluetooth(Opt.), Wi-Fi(Opt.), Remote Control(Opt.)

*Anti-peep password protection

User can add any amount of numbers before and/or after the password to avoid peeping from others.

*Design to fit 99% of all doors on the market

Including wooden, steel, stainless steel doors.

*Stainless steel slim design housing

SS304 stainless steel lock body

*Easy setup with voice guidance

*Power saving design

4 pcs AAA battery last for 12 months use.

*Low battery Alarm (When Battery Voltage < 4.8V)

Audio cue with last 100 door access before battery runs out.

*Anti-prying alarm

Prevent any attempts of forced entry on the lock.

*Micro USB external power input

Use USB power-bank or other sources as temporary power if battery power has exhausted.

*Backup Mechanical Key

Unlock the door with traditional mechanical key.

ColorSilver, Space Gray, Rose Gold
ApplicationInterior door
Panel MaterialStainless steel
Lock Body304 Stainless Steel
FingerprintFPC 192 x 192 semi-conductor (capacitive sensing)
Unlocking modelPassword, RFID card, Fingerprint, Mechanical Key, Bluetooth(Opt.), Wi-Fi(Opt.), Remote control(Opt.)
User Register Capacity300
Identification Time< 0.5 sec
False Rejection Rate<= 0.1%
False Acceptance Rate<= 0.0001%
Door thickness40-100 mm
Operation Temperature-25 <-> 60 °C
Operation Humidity20 - 90%
Power supply4 pcs AAA battery
Battery Life12 months
Low power AlarmPower below 4.8V, approximately 100 times
Emergency PowerMicro USB charging port

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