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Smarter Locks

Access mode avaliable by your choice.

Model No. J - 002

(For Glass Door use)
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*Multiple Unlocking Modes

Password, RFID card, Fingerprint, We Chat App, Wi-Fi App(Opt.), Remote Control(Opt.)

*Anti-peep password protection

User can add any amount of numbers before and/or after the password to avoid peeping from others.

*Design to fit 99% of all doors on the market

Glass thickness <= 12mm

*High strength Zinc Alloy, slim design housing

SS304 stainless steel lock body

*Easy setup with voice guidance

*Power saving design

4 pcs AA battery last for 12 months use.

*Low battery Alarm (When Battery Voltage < 4.8V)

Audio cue with last 100 door access before battery runs out.

*Anti-prying alarm

Prevent any attempts of forced entry on the lock.

*Micro USB external power input

Use USB power-bank or other sources as temporary power if battery power has exhausted.

ColorLuxury Black, Silver, Space Gray, Rose Gold
ApplicationGlass door
Panel MaterialZinc Alloy, Acrylic
Lock Body304 Stainless Steel
FingerprintFPC 192 x 192 semi-conductor (capacitive sensing)
Unlocking modelPassword, RFID card, fingerprint, WeChat App, Wi-Fi (Opt.), Remote Control(Opt.)
User Register Capacity300
Identification Time< 0.5 sec
False Rejection Rate<= 0.1%
False Acceptance Rate<= 0.0001%
Door thickness<= 12 mm
Operation Temperature-25 <-> 60 °C
Operation Humidity20 - 90%
Power supply4 pcs AA battery
Battery Life12 months
Low power AlarmPower below 4.8V, approximately 100 times
Emergency PowerMicro USB charging port

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